3 Reasons Why You Should Never Go to Bed Without Washing Your Face

We get it. It’s been a long-ass day. Zoom meetings, a late dinner. Maybe you even squeezed in some time for a quick workout. You’re wiped out. You don’t have the energy to wash your face before crashing. But that 10 seconds actually matters when it comes to your skin health. And we know great looking skin is a huge confidence booster.

Is it OK to not wash your face?

Well, that really depends on your goals for your skin. If you’re aiming to look your best and take the best care of your skin, the answer is a resounding no. 

And you may wonder, does skin clean itself? While the body does a great of purging itself of toxins, your skin can’t actually clean itself. You’re not a self-cleaning oven!

Here are three solid reasons why you should never go to bed without washing your face.

1. Unclog and reset your pores.

One of the main purposes for washing your face both AM and PM is to clear out and reset your pores. What do pores do? Well, think of your pores as skin valves – through which sweat and sebum, or oil, pass to the skin’s surface. Sweating cools your skin down and the oil that passes through your pores helps to keep your skin moisturized. 

Throughout the day, that sebum can build up and become hardened, trapping dirt, pollution and bacteria in your pores. These clogged pores prevent the clear passage of sweat and sebum; and, the bacteria lodged in pores is a leading cause of acne breakouts. 

2. Remove suncreen and makeup, if worn.

Sunscreen and makeup are designed to remain on the skin’s surface. While much of it may be smeared, wiped off or dissolved by sweat by the end of the day, in most cases quite a bit of it remains on your face. That product residue can and will clog your pores, especially if left on overnight when your face is pressed into a pillow.

In addition, sunscreen and makeup products are commonly formulated with oils. Sure, splashing your face with warm water can remove additional product that sweating and wiping didn’t, but the best way to remove oil from the skin is a gentle face wash. 

One of our favorite cleansers for oily skin is the ATWATER Oil Regulator Facial Cleansing Bar. Psst…they have a great face wash for dry skin, too.

3. Power up your skincare

Whether you’re using a dedicated night cream for face or the same facial moisturizer in your morning and evening skincare routines, applying them on dirty skin defeats the purpose. 

Think of your skin as a canvas. No painter wants to paint on a dirty canvas, right? No more than a chef wants to cook on a dirty counter. Even the best face cream can’t work if it can’t penetrate the skin effectively – and a dirty face prevents the penetration of the most important actives in your products.

If you want to achieve the healthiest skin and get the most from the skincare products you’re spending money on, you have to start with a fresh, clean and clear canvas.  


Can I just use water to wash my face? In some cases, you can effectively clear your skin with warm water, particularly in the morning when all you need to remove is some residual face product applied the night before. Before bed, however, it’s essential to wash your face with an effective face cleanser to unclog pores, remove sunscreen and makeup, and get the most out of your skincare routine.

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